Notice: Siege War System Unveils

Notice: Siege War System Unveils

Elf Online ( will launch its siege war system in the near future. The launching time of it is EST(GMT-5) 19:00-20:00 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The application not in this time will not be accepted.

Siege war system allows participants to take part in by guild. A shaikh can apply for several battles and occupy several towns at the same time. So town will become the stronghold or the stepstone of every guild who wants to conquer the whole dreamland. You can by stand to see what chaos happens in the battle or indulge yourself to the overwhelming triumph with your members. The dream of occupy the whole dreamland can be share by anybody, but only the competent ones could realize it. It’s the place where participation happens; where bloody nose happens; where blood shedding happens; where are you kidding me happens; and finally, where amazing happens.

Of course, the final victor guild will become the master of the town undoubtedly. Then generous taxation benefit will come to your guild as easy as pie.
No pain, no gain. All the ambitious players who want to curve out their careers in the dreamland should prepare well by enrolling more members and reinforcing your team physically and mentally.

All of those things seem great, but that’s what happens when all you care about is what you haven’t done yet. Hurry to involve the siege war system.

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