Ntreev USA, Inc releases 2nd Job for Trickster: Links to Fantasy

Fullerton, Calif., January 16, 2006 – Ntreev USA Inc. announced today that Trickster Online: Links to Fantasy will be releasing new content for their popular 2D fantasy MMORPG, Trickster Online: Links to Fantasy.

The new content to be released is referred to as Second Jobs. This new content grants new Jobs to all Player Characters. The new Jobs will be available to Characters above Level 50 with a TM Level of 40 or greater. The new Second Jobs, not only will change the appearance of the Characters, it will also unlock Skills and Skill sets that as of yet have been unavailable.

Each Character will have their own unique Second Job available to them, which will include Skills and Skill sets completely unique to that job. This new release will add a completely new dimension and even greater depth to the engrossing Trickster Online experience. The Second Jobs will be part of the current patch as announced on the official Trickster Online website.

Trickster Online: Links to Fantasy, is a two dimensional MMORPG in the vein of console era Fantasy RPGs from the 90’s. With an upbeat, cute sense of style and an offbeat sense of humor, Trickster is set to establish a new market in the online gaming community. Characters are customizable from a selection of 8 animal based-archetypes and 4 Types. From here, the Characters can be further developed and individualized through the gaining of Skill Points, Jobs, and items as well as becoming stronger through the gaining of EXP (Experience Points, earned through combat, hunting and Trickster’s unique item Drilling feature).

In the upcoming full release of the game Players will be able to further customize their Characters with new, special items, clothing, armors, weapons and even a room for their Characters to decorate and inhabit. There is NO subscription fee to play Trickster Online and the game is free to download over the internet. For more information regarding Trickster Online: Links to Fantasy, including Account creation, upcoming news and special events and announcements, visit their website at www.tricksteronline.com.

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