Official launch of BMC

MONTREAL, CANADA, Thursday May 5, 2008, The company AmalGame-Online Inc modified the skin of their “BlackMoon Chronicles – Winds Of War™” official forums!
Tuesday May 6, 2008, we are glad to announce the official release is for May 14, 2008! We want to thank warmly those who contributed to the beta-test for their ardor to drive out the last bugs. Now, everybody will be able to enjoy this mmorpg with entirely hand-drawn graphics, inspired from the very popular graphic novel « Chroniques de la Lune Noire© », which has sold more than 4 million copies to this day. We invite you to consult our forums regularly to stay informed about the date and time of the end of the beta. When the service will start again, we will deliver you the official version which will contain the last corrections brought to the server.
We will offer all our new players a trial period of 14 days!
Are you ready to plunge into the richness of the first interactive comic book!
BlackMoon Chronicles – Winds Of War™" Where do you stand?

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