OnRPG Shotgun News 4/4: Neverwinter, WildStar, Darkfall, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 4/4: Neverwinter, WildStar, Darkfall, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe



Neverwinter Announces Open Beta

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have announced the date Neverwinter will go into open beta. Break out your calendars and mark April 30th! And if you’ve bought a Founder’s Pack you’ll get an extra weekend in before then starting April 12th. There will be no character wipes, and no restricted access after the start of open beta at the end of the month.




ESL and Nexon Europe Team Form eSports League

Nexon Europe, the publisher of Combat Arms and the Electronic Sports League (ESL) have joined forces to create an eSports league for Combat Arms. Total prizes for the league will amount to $50,000! The first weekly and monthly cups are already taking place and the final will be held later in the year in ESL’s TV studio inCologne.



Darkfall: Unholy Wars Announces Launch Date

After delaying the launch of Darkfall: Unholy Wars several times Aventurine has happily announced that the launch would be taking place in less than two weeks. The date, April 16th was announced on the official forums by developers yesterday.


EVE Looking for Player’s Stories

CCP has launched a new effort to collect stories from EVE. It’s called True Stories from the First Decade. They’re looking for stories from the players themselves about their favorite moments in EVE. Some may even be used to inspire future books, comics, TV or film initiatives set within the EVE universe.



World of Tanks 8.5 Incoming

New German and Soviet tanks will come to World of Tanks with Update 8.5. As well as more changes to the in game economy which includes allowing players to buy premium consumables with silver credits. And all players will be able to create three member platoons and companies. And finally there will be a new map called Pearl River.



WildStar Dev Diary Discusses Arena PvP

A new WildStar Dev Diary has been published talking about the Elder Game option, Arena PvP. It goes into the size, why they chose arena style, and things outside the game like leaderboards.



Digimon Masters Gets Huge Update

Joymax has announced a huge update is coming to Digimon Masters on Tuesday, April 9th. The update includes three new maps as well as three new raids to go along with them. And to celebrate the update players will have until May 7th to complete the Guard the Fire Island questline to get several rewards which include Miracle Fruit, Backup Disks, and Evoluters.



Vendetta Online Coming to iPad

Guild Software has announced that they were bringing groundbreaking space MMO Vendetta Online to iPad on April 17th. It is currently available on PC, Andriod, Linux, and Mac. It will cost $.99 and have a $1 a month subscription fee.

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