OnRPG Shotgun News 5/21: Dawngate, Scarlet Blade, GW2, Planetside, and much more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Mistress of News


Dawngate Beta Begins Friday

Last week a new MOBA from EA was announced, this week it starts beta testing. You can still register to take part on the official website for Dawngate, so what are you waiting for?


Men Coming to Scarlet Blade in Taiwan

There is already a class of men in the Korean version of Scarlet Blade, and now they’re bringing men to Taiwan, could the West be next? The addition is being made thanks to a large number of players asking for it. You can see the new trailer of men kicking ass and dancing with ladies for yourself below.



Guild Wars 2 Drops in Price

A new permanent price drop has been issued for Guild Wars 2 that will be available starting later today. A $10/£10 drop in price will be available for both the standard and digital deluxe editions.


Dragon’s Prophet Announces Open Beta

Dragon’s Prophet has announced the open beta phase will begin on May 30th. And all founders will have one day early access starting May 29th. In addition to the announcement the Closed Beta NDA has been dropped which means you can find out more about the game.Including the article where OnRPG’s very own ApocaRUFF gives his thoughts.

Planetside to go F2P

Following in it’s sequel’s footsteps the original Planetside is due to go f2p. SOE CEO John Smedly took to twitter last night to make the reveal. Though it was announced in 2011 Planetside would be going F2P it has only partially done so with free time for anyone who has played previously and anyone who has played PlanetSide 2. There isn’t a date just yet though so keep an eye out here for more news on it.


World of Tanks 8.6 Update Incoming


Details for World of Tanks’ Update 8.6 have been announced. Included in the update will be more balances for the economy, new SPGs, a new premium British medium tank the A33 Excelsior, and a new map based in Korea.


Guild Wars 2 Last Stand at Southsun Update Announced

Just 14 days after the last content release Guild Wars 2 players have another to look forward to. This one expands on the trouble brewing in the Southsun Cove, especially dealing with a troubled renegade Sylvari called Canach. But that isn’t all the update has to offer. A ton of new WvW changes are coming in. Ranging from WvW XP, and even infusions and Ascended gear with WvW specific bonuses.


Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus Launches

Tal Shiar

Today is launch day for the first expansion of Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus. With new content for Klingons, not to mention the addition of Romulans and Remans there is plenty to keep players busy with for a long time to come. So get out there and go where every man is going now.


Wargaming WWII Movie Weekend

If you’re lucky enough to live in London you could attend a special War movie marathon being put on by Wargaming. The Weekend at War will take place in Stratford Cinema London from July 4-7. They’ll be showing classic WWII movies like The Great Escape, Kelly’s Heroes, TORA! TORA! TORA!, The Bridge on the River Kwai, and others. Tickets will be available for purchase starting May 31st.

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