OnRPG Shotgun News 9/12: RIFT, Fallen Earth, FFXIV, and more!

OnRPG Shotgun News 9/12: RIFT, Fallen Earth, FFXIV, and more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist


Autumn Comes to Rift in 1.10


Though as of this moment update 1.10 isn’t live yet we know it is coming later today. And since it isn’t live yet we don’t have the patch notes yet but we do know what’s coming. I wrote an entire article on it in fact! The calm before the storm is on it’s way. And may I be so bold to say, winter is coming. http://www.onrpg.com/MMO/RIFT/review/MEAD-RIFT-110—Calm-Before-the-Storm


Final Fantasy XIV Sunsetted For 2.0

As FFXIV comes to an end to make way for the newer version 2.0 subscription fees are being ended. All billing will be ended on September 29th and will not be picked back up again until the game relaunches. Players who have currently active subscriptions will be able to continue to play until the game shuts down on November 11th.



The Secret World Digs Another Day

I reported yesterday that The Secret World was taking one extra day before releasing Issue 2. Well it seems that it was a good thing they took that day. They’ll be taking another day to work out a problem they discovered. But! They aren’t leaving us hanging with nothing. A detailed preview of all things Issue 2 was released today!




SWTOR To Get 6 Week Update Schedule

As SWTOR prepares to go Free to play General Manager of Bioware Austin committed to a 6 week update schedule during an interview. Saying that they will release major updates like a new warzone, Flashpoint Operation and event on a regular basis.



WoW Hides Information in Screenshots

Players have discovered a watermark in every in game screenshot which contains information like which server it was taken on, player account numbers and a time/date stamp. None of this information can be used to hack into accounts and thus isn’t a security risk, just a little surprising.



Knight Age Developer Discusses the Future

Head Developer of Knight Age, Baek Young Min recently sat down to reveal what can be expected in the future for Knight Age. One such thing is a pvp battle for Excalibur. The sword itself will be able to be freed from the rock it’s wedged in and used by chosen players for an increase in stats. But at the end of the day the sword would return to the rock to be freed once more.


The West 2.0 Wants to Duel

As part of the excitement surrounding the beta for The West 2.0 a contest is being held. Fans are being invited to recreate a duel scene using video, art, audio, or any other medium you can think of. Winners will get Nerf guns so they can be in their own duel and 1,000 premium nuggets for in game gear. Submissions are being accepted until September 27th.



Fallen Earth Gets GORE


A new update to Fallen Earth has brought out some new weapons and an event. Globaltech Ordinance of Rapid Extermination (GORE) weapon plans have been leaked leaving the factions scrambling to be the first to build them. And giving those that do a significant advantage. Three new models have been built to meet diverse combat needs, The Bastard, The Jackal and The Lunatic. LifeNet Technicians are urging people to help discover the location of hidden crates. Completing this mission gives a unique reward and schematics for the GORE weapon of your choice.

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