OnRPG Shotgun News 9/20: RaiderZ, Sin Streets, Black Prophecy, and Sevencore!

OnRPG Shotgun News 9/20: RaiderZ, Sin Streets, Black Prophecy, and Sevencore!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



RaiderZ Open Beta Dates Announced

Following a successful closed beta RaiderZ has announced that open beta will begin on October 24th. In it will be new zones and new monsters that were never seen during the closed beta. Over 70,000 characters were created during the closed beta. To take part go to the official RaiderZ website.



Sevencore German/French Launches

Sevencore has launched today in Europe for German and French localizations. This weekend they are celebrating with a special bonus XP weekend. The Invasion of Obsidian Troops event and the Race for Glory events will be going on throughout. Players can download the client for free on the official website.



Black Prophecy Announces Shutdown Party

Black Prophecy is having a party the night before it shuts down. The shutdown is taking place on the 26th while the party is the 25th of September. The celebration will begin on the EU servers at 2PM EST and at 9PM on the North American servers. The shutdown will be taking place a 3AM the following morning.



District 187 To Send Event Winner to New York

CJ Games Global has announced that the winner of the “Play & Win” event in District 187 will be awarded two tickets to New York Comic Con as well as $1,500 in vouchers for travel expenses. The event begins today and runs through Sunday. Winners will be notified by Monday. To be in for a chance to win log into District 187 and play for at least an hour this weekend. How do you get in? Visit our giveaway page to grab a key of course!

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