Onrpg to cross-promote with new MMO Online Magazine

ONRPG to cross-promote with brand new online gaming magazine!

We are delighted to announce that ONRPG will be cross-promoting Thirteen1, a brand new free to read online-gaming e-magazine.

Each month will have a feature in the magazine which highlights the hot topics of discussion on our forums (so be sure to stay active J) as part of Thirteen1’s on-going commitment to the importance of community in MMO gaming.

Released on the 13th of every month at 1pm the magazine aims to bring coverage and shed light on all those things that really matter in the online gaming world.

Thirteen1 will endeavour to bring you informative and quirky articles about all of the relevant issues affecting games and gamers in the industry.
It even includes those hidden corners you probably don’t know about…but most definitely should.

It’s no lie that there’s a lack of MMO magazines out there, and those that do exist are forgetting that the core element of online gaming is about having fun!
Thirteen1 hasn’t forgotten, and that’s why its editors have put a ban on the boring details that litter the rest.
“You don’t want huge articles and neither do we, that’s why we get to the point and have fun while we are doing it!” Comments the thirteen1 editorial team.

From the seemingly irrelevant to the massively obvious, from comic strips to competitions, mass-debating and a funny little man named Dre, thirteen1 taps right back into the original pull of gaming.
The Editors have even given a guarantee: “If you don’t smile while reading this mag, we’ll personally promise to refund the full cover price.”
This is easy because it’s completely FREE to read!

The best thing about Thirteen1 is that it’s a completely independent publication, meaning there is nobody telling them what they should or should not write.
If they need to put somebody down they will, and they’ll pull less punches than a professional boxer.

Check out the Thirteen1 here www.thirteen1.com.

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