Open Beta Starts

Greetings from the land of Xen!
Outspark, a leading publisher and operator of free online community games available through an engaging virtual playground, is pleased to announce the open beta release of its newest game Secret of the Solstice. Set in the fantasy world of Xen, Secret of the Solstice is the second game in Outspark’s growing portfolio and takes players to a faraway kingdom threatened by a mysterious dark force. On her 18th birthday, Princess Adeline received a special gift from her parents – the Solstice Sphere, a strange and powerful relic entrusted to the king of Xen by the gods.  But it was far from a glorious occasion.  A series of horrific events would soon take place and ultimately drench the land in the suffering it knows today. Come join other adventurers on a quest to save the world!

Featuring hundreds of gorgeous environments filled with fanciful creatures and a classic feel, Secret of the Solstice is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game inviting players to create a character and explore a richly-detailed game world. Aspiring heroes have access to hundreds of in-game quests, different items for customizing the appearance of their character and an innovative smelting system for upgrading equipment. Coupled with a crew of friendly game masters operating dynamic in-game events in which participants contribute to the evolution of the storyline, Secret of the Solstice offers players a completely new way of commanding their in-game destiny. The game is developed by DnC Entertainment of Seoul, South Korea and published by Outspark.

In celebration of the open beta, Outspark has unlocked the gates leading to the all-new cities Candyvault and Eir. Players can also access the second tier for each character class and explore a set of completely new dungeons.

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