Overwolf Surpasses One Million Users, Launches Appstore

Overwolf Surpasses One Million Users, Launches In-Game Appstore



Overwolf, a software company specializing in the socialization of online games, today announced the launch of the In-Game Appstore, for its community of more than one million gamers. The Overwolf client provides a wide range of in-game, social media related features like Video and Screenshot Capture, Skype, TeamSpeak, various Chat services, an in-game Browser and more. Starting today, Overwolf is going to power up its offering with user-generated and third-party in-game apps.



Game publishers can add all of these functions to their games without touching a single line of game code, making integration fast and easy. Besides embedding Overwolf’s social media features, using the Overwolf SDK, they will also be able to offer their players the opportunity to develop in-game apps that meet the needs of the community. Many game companies spend a significant amount of resources to enable user generated content or add-ons for their games. Now, every game publisher can do that by simply partnering with Overwolf and conserving development resources.



“The past year has been wonderful for Overwolf. We’ve continued to build the product focusing on user feedback and usage analytics. This has allowed us to sign agreements with more than twenty publishers, and most importantly, receive awesome feedback from the gamers that are using our product,” said Uri Marchand, CEO of Overwolf. “The next challenge for us is to allow gamers to utilize our technology to develop in-game apps, and publish those apps in our In-Game Appstore for the benefit of the gaming community”



Overwolf started the closed beta for its SDK two weeks ago and hundreds of developers have already signed-up. To start developing in-game apps, please go to http://developers.overwolf.com/.



“We are always looking for a better gaming experience for our users,” said Peter Zhalov, VP of Marketing & Advertising at Wargaming.net. “And so far we were mainly focused on superb game content and playability. We do bear in mind that our users enjoy such social media tools like Facebook, Twitter or Skype, and we believe it is a great experience to have all that stuff in-game as well. That’s the reason we have started to work with Overwolf. They provide us with a plug-and-play one stop shop solution for embedding all social media tools effortlessly”.



“Overwolf offers everything we originally planned to introduce to Brick-Force,” said Andreas Weidenhaupt, CEO of Infernum. “That’s why the decision to partner with Overwolf was so easy for us. Now we can equip Brick-Force with social and viral features while placing an extremely strong tool into the community’s hand. I previously experienced Overwolf as the perfect community tool for Runes of Magic.”



To see the client in action, please visit: www.Overwolf.com and download the beta. Also stay tuned for an upcoming interview between JamesBl0nde and Overwolf’s CEO Uri Marchand!

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