Pantheon: New MMO by Everquest forefather joins Kickstarter

Kickstarter campaigns certainly have been springing up lately, but this next one has real potential to shine brighter than the rest, especially when it has industry veteran Brad McQuaid attached to the project.

Visionary Realms, Inc. announced today their plans to meet a growing demand in the MMO Games market by developing Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, a game targeted towards “challenge-seeking” gamers. The game’s design and ideas were inspired by feedback from many MMO communities that have been looking for a return to a classic style of MMO gameplay and group-focused game content.


“I receive emails almost every day asking for this type of game,” said Visionary Realms’ Chief Creative Officer, Brad McQuaid, who is best known for his critical and early involvement in the forming and influence of the MMORPG genre. “No one else seems to be answering this call. It’s the kind of game we’ve been wanting to play for so long and we’re finally getting a chance to make it, thanks to major advances in game development technology and crowdfunding.”

Visionary Realms Inc. is now launching its Kickstarter campaign, turning to the public for funding. “We believe there are many, many people out there who have been wanting a game like Pantheon for so long and we’re asking them for their help in making it happen,” said Director of Development, Salim Grant. “It’s the perfect opportunity for us to work with the fans and have everyone be a very real and important part of this exciting project.”

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