Patch 5022 Released (Pre-download Available)

We will be releasing Patch 5022 after the server maintenance on Apr. 28th, 2008. With so many new features in this patch, we anticipate slow download rates for the auto patch.

Please manually download this patch (5022) before the server goes down on Apr. 28th and save it to your Conquer 2.0 folder. Install the patch as soon as the servers are brought down for maintenance. This way, you can bypass the congestion of auto-patching and begin experiencing the surprises of this new patch.

1. Download the patch manually to avoid the rush!
2. Don’t run the new patch until 17:00 pm PST, Apr. 28th!
3. Exit the game before you run the patch!

Download link:
Patch 5022:
Patch 5019-5022:

Highlights of Patch 5022

1. Mentor and Apprentice System.

Mentor can claim apprentice contribution. Apprentice can share mentor’s potency.

2. Suspicious Items

The system will automatically judge the value of items when you are trading. Once the value of the item does not accord with its exact value, the system will mark the item as the ‘suspicious item’.

3. Trade Partner.

Items traded between trade partners will not be marked as suspicious by the system. You can only have 20 trade partners.
When you make a new trade partner, you need confirm it at your next login.

4. Item Lock

Once an item is locked, it cannot be traded (except with trade partners), stored, vended or dropped when you have red or black name. And all items with bonus level above +6 in your inventory will not be dropped either when you are killed.
When you get items with 8 potency points or above, system will remind you to lock it.
The equipment with highest potency of its type in your inventory cannot be traded, vended or abandoned, except to a trade partner. You have to keep this item till you get a better one.

5. PK rule changes

The PK rule changes as the item lock feature is introduced:
When red/black-named players are killed, they will be sent to jail. However, their locked items cannot be dropped.
They need to pay for corresponding recognizance to get out from jail. Otherwise, they have to wait till their names are white. Players who killed those with red or black name will receive the recognizance from Warden Zhang in Twin City (413 385).

6. Merchant account.

All equipment and items of a merchant account will be not protected by above virtual property protection measures in the game, and TQ Digital is not responsible for any loss related.
You may choose to have a merchant account instantly on your first login, or you can apply for it manually from Merchant Clerk in the Market (178, 187) at any time. It will take 5 days to approve your application.

7. An anti-virus program will be built in the game client. It will scan and delete trojans and viruses automatically to enhance the game account security.

8. In order to gather your valued opinions and suggestions about Conquer and help us improve the game, we will activate this feature: The official webpage will pop up when you close the client. On this sign-out page, we will make some surveys or introduce the important functions. The content will be changed often to avoid the repetition.

9. The highest player level will be 137.

10. Smiley can be shown in character name for Nobility Contribution Rank.

11. The HP of all monsters in Dis City quest of stage one will descend 50%. Solar Saint will appear in 5 minutes later after Ultimate Pluto is killed.

12. Magic, such as Stigma, Magic Shield and Star of Accuracy, can be cast by right click team mate’s avatar.

13. NPC Captain Li who leads you to visit the jail will be removed.

14. You cannot put items into item box of other player’s house. That means, you cannot put item into your spouse’s house. Besides, you can take items from your spouse’s item box only when you and your spouse are trade partners.

15. Talismans (such as Miraculous Gourd and Magic Bottle) can not be discarded.

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