Patch 5023 To Change The Fair Trade System Released

We are pleased to announce that Patch 5023 has been released on May 7th, 2008.

Note: Before you install patch, please make sure that you have completely exited the client, or you will fail to update the client successfully.

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Patch 5023:
Patch 5022-5023:

Highlights of Patch 5023

1. Because of the overwhelming player consensus that the "suspicious items" function is inconvenient, we have modified the function. Your item’s estimated value will be much lower in patch 5023, allowing you to trade items more easily.

Note: This function is meant to protect your valuable items and remind you to be cautious when trading. So, having more lenient restrictions, you must be careful when trading again.

2. Guards have been removed from Botjail. Because red/black named people attack guards and are killed, and then sent to PK jail. The price to exit PK Jail is much lower than that of Bot Jail. Then people could waive the punishment. Removing guards in Botjail will fix this abused bug, giving botters what they deserve.

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