PAX Prime 2012 League of Legends Cosplay

PAX Prime 2012 League of Legends Cosplay

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-in-Chief

Pictures by Bowen Li, Site Engineer



Hey guys! We just got back to LA from PAX Prime and are exhausted from 3 days of constant awesome meetings with some of the top game designers as well as a few obscure titles you might not see on the major websites. Unfortunately JamesBl0nde’s is passed out on my couch (it’s 4am in his time zone) so our day 3 recap will have to wait until later this morning. Instead I thought I’d share a little sidequest we went on to catalog our favorite League of Legends cosplayers at the convention. I now present the OnRPG/MMOHuts PAX 2012 LoL Cosplay Gallery!


This Katarina was snagging almost as many glances from the fan boys at the convention as her slithering sister, which is quite the accomplishment considering she did it without a 3 foot tail.


We had hardly stepped through the front doors on day 1 only to see the odd couple of Amumu and Bunny Girl Riven posing in front of a huge crowd by the glowing Ryze Statue.


Speaking of Ryze, we found the elusive Uncle Ryze making it rain in the table top gaming shopping area.


Mordekaiser rocked our world just as we were sitting down to lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Luckily Bowen dashed out the door to snag this shot before he disappeared into the PAX jungle.


Our award for cutest couple definitely goes to this Ahri Wukong combo.


Though I am a bit biased since she let me play with her tails.


Not to be outdone, this sexy Morgana dared us to walk by without snapping a shot to include her in our top cosplayer list. Also if you look closely in the background you will catch a glimpse of Bittersweet Lulu!


Our award for most clever LoL cosplay definitely goes to this fine lady and her Desperado Cassiopeia skin


Shaco nearly managed to get the jump on us while interviewing Sonic at the Sega booth. Unfortunately it was classic Sonic so he was about as mute as Sona.


We stumbled across Sejuani keeping the crowds of Esports fans in line with her giant mace during Saturday’s final LoL match


After chasing after this scurvy dog for three days we finally caught him slipping at the Dungeons and Dragons Online booth. He’s definitely a tough foe to CC long enough to get a good shot.



This is of course just a small taste of the dozens of awesome cosplay pics we snapped at PAX this year so keep an eye out all week as we get into the details of dozens of titles we covered, offer plenty of video interviews, and give out some sweet prizes in OnRPG/MMOHut’s best convention giveaways to date!

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