Pax West vs. Gamescom: Is it too much?

PAX Prime 2015 Anri Cosplay Sona

Between August and September there are a billion game trailers that come to light. Between August’s Gamescom in Germany and Seattle’s Pax West [formerly Prime], there is so much going on in the gaming press/gaming world. To be honest, it’s pretty damn tiring. It’s also pretty expensive for journalists trying to cover both. But is it really necessary to have that much gaming coverage that close to each other? Pax West starts the start of September and Gamescom ends at the end of August practically. Should gaming companies go to both? Should millions upon millions of trailers be dropped all at once?  I’m torn to be totally honest. Part of me says “sure, why not? It’s their money!” but it’s also our money. But to be frank? I love it.

LoA 2 at Gamescom

For smaller press companies it can be an absolute nightmare, torn between wanting to go and cover it and catch great interviews and footage for the site, versus not risking the trip being a bust, an utter failure. I suppose my major qualm is that they’re so close together and that is incredibly stressful. Should big reveals be made at both? I don’t think that’s a bad idea, but I’d love them to be spread out just a little. Make Gamescom in the summer, around June perhaps, and keep Pax Prime as a major gaming outlet in Autumn. I’m trying to cover gaming news, and not perish, or forget I have a family and friends to see! I love going to conventions and covering the news, because it’s fun. You get to meet fans, developers, cosplayers and in general you really get to immerse yourself in a wonderful, unforgettable experience for a few days. But a bit of breath between them would be fantastic.

I’m still torn, but I’m definitely curious what others think about it!

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