PK Rules Changed & Captain Li Comes Back!

After patch 5022 released, many people suggest changing the PK rules and restoring Captain Li. We have taken them into serious consideration and made some changes. It will work after the server maintenance on 9th, May.

1. Punishment for PKers is even more serious than before. So, PKers should be more aware of the punishment when they are killed. Also, those who killed the red/black names will get more rewards for justice. Of course, if nobody catches you, then there is no punishment for murder at all!

When red/black-named players are killed, they will be sent to jail.

Red name: Pay 4, 000, 000 silvers for release

Black name (PK Points below 300): pay 108 cps for release

Black name (PK Points over 300): pay 540 cps for release

2. Captain Li will be restored. So, the PK jail will return to be a gathering place. Hope you will enjoy it.

Note: If the red/black name pays the recognizance to get out of the jail, the one who killed him/her will get the recognizance as reward.

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