PlaneShift Open Source MMORPG Developers wanted

PlaneShift is an Open Source MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game) which is in a steady process of development . Technically PlaneShift is based on CrystalSpace (with CAL3D and CEL) and is programmed with a full featured client-/server-environment.
CrystalSpace is a free (LGPL) and portable 3D engine written in C++ (
With 3D-creation tools like Blender, you are able to design own worlds or creatures. Blender ( is the open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation.
These modells may be integrated in Yliakum, the world of PlaneShift.

So, as PlaneShift is in steady development, the developmers-team ist steady hiring new team members or WTB’s (Want To Be’s). An overview is available at
If you want to join the team ( here are 10 reasons why you should dedicate some of your time (or your entire life, as you prefer) to PlaneShift:

1. PlaneShift is the first 3D MMORPG to be free for all players to play, as much as they want
2. Thousands of fans will see and enjoy what YOU made
3. It will not be your job, but your hobby, so you can really enjoy it and work in the areas you like best
4. The team is ever growing, with talented people from all over the world sharing the same dream
5. Unlike pro games, no commercial constraints such as money, time, or schedule can stop us. Only our own quality standards and talents determine how far we can go
6. We are a fair, friendly and happy team! With contributors from 11 countries currently, you can make new friends all around the world–all with talents and interests similar to your own
7. We have a unique license which we feel will ensure the success of the project and the integrity of the game we are creating
8. The core engine is released under GPL giving to it endless life and endless ability to improve.
9. You will have the chance to contribute to the fun of thousands of players
10. With our vision of free and open code and free play, Planeshift Will shake the gaming community in the next few years

If, ylu should register here Do it!

<strong>What is PlaneShift?</strong>
The objective of the PlaneShift is to create a virtual fantasy world in which a player can start as a peasant in search of fame and become a hero. First of all PlaneShift is a Role Playing Game. Be sure to read our Roleplay guidelines or you will not be able to play this game. We will focus our efforts in the reproduction of a real world with politics, economy, many non-player-characters controlled by the server that will bring to life our world even without players connected!

We want to give FREE access to everyone, without the need to either purchase the game or pay a monthly fee. Servers and bandwidth will be donated by sponsors.

Our virtual world is persistent, and this means you can connect to it at every hour of day or night and you will always find players and npcs wandering our realms. You will be able to disconnect and reconnect again, the server saves the actual status of your character including his possessions.

You will use a client program to interact with our world, that enables you to have a 3D view of the surroundings.

Here are 10 reasons why you should become a player and a fan of PlaneShift:

1. Planeshift is a great place to find new friends from all over the world!
2. PlaneShift is a virtual world where you always dreamed of living
3. PlaneShift is the first 3D MMORPG to be free for players
4. Thanks to our open development process, the game will be expanded endlessly for years to come
5. Planeshift is a game made by roleplayers to bring you all the immersion you need from a virtual world
6. A unique setting, realistic combat rules, great magic system with hundreds of spells
7. No budgetary constraints will stop development of the world or prevent the addition of new ideas
8. You can build your house, your castle, your realm
9. You have the option to live as an adventurer or as a normal citizen, both paths rewarded in game
10. You can submit comments, ideas, bugs and the dev team will take those into account in future releases

<strong>Game features</strong>
PlaneShift is under development. The following list represent some of the features of the final product.

* A Role Playing Game!
* 12 races with unique traits for the creation of your character
* Unlimited professions through a skill system
* Original magic system with six Ways of magic
* Hundreds of spells!
* A huge world to explore
* A great number of quests to test your wit and skill
* Monsters and NPCs with good AI that produce game events
* A world that evolves with or without player interaction
* Create your own house or castle
* Politics and economy
* …

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