PlanetSide 2 Releases Auto-Turrets in Latest Update

Today, Sony Online Entertainment released the latest game update to PlanetSide 2, which includes wieldable melee weapons and the Spitfire Turret, as well as the annual Auraximas holiday activities.

SPITFIRE TURRET: The Spitfire auto-turret is available for engineers, offering players a new way to participate in combat that doesn’t rely exclusively on twitch response.

WIELDABLE MELEE WEAPONS: In addition to quick knife, players can now wield their melee weapon and activate different properties when attacking.

AURAXIMAS: Snowmen have returned to Esamir while Stone Snowmen can be found on all other continents. Players can hone their shooting skills and earn a little extra XP by taking out the snowmen. They’ll also receive in-game rewards, such as a ‘Snowblower” title, cert points, and more, if they accomplish special Auraximas directives.


  • Balance Pass – Updates made to the Terran Republic Banshee and Vulcan vehicle weapons
  • Profile Banners – a new way to customize yourself and show off your achievements or zany personality
  • Camo and Cosmetics Pass – Updates on the Vanu Sovereignty Infantry

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