Player Guide Legion

About the Legions
1 Legions Rank
The higher the legions’ rank is, the larger its warehouse and the more members its can have. At the same time, the higher the legions’ rank is, the more it has to pay to the NPC as management fee.
2 Legions Warehouse
Normal members can only put items into the legions warehouse. Only the administrator can withdraw the items and set the price for it. After setting a price and starting the sale, other members can get the items in the warehouse by spending their contribution value.
3 Legions Management Fee
A legion must pay the management fee every day. The fee contains two parts. One part is paid with reputation, and the other is paid with godas. If a legions can’t pay the management fee, its rank will decrease. The rank of Rank-1 legions will not decrease any more, but it can’t use the legions warehouse if it can’t pay the fee.

4 Upgrade & Degrade
The system will check all the legions every 24 hours, and deduct the reputation and money. The legions that reaches the next requirement will be upgraded, and the legions can’t pay the management fee will be decreased. Rank 1 legions will not be decreased, but they can’t use the legions warehouse if they don’t have enough money.
A. The condition for legions upgrade: Rank 1- Rank 2 : 500 reputation; Rank 2- Rank 3 : 2000 reputation; Rank 3- Rank 4 : 10000 reputation; Rank 4- Rank 5 : 60000 reputation.
B. Management Fee (deducted every day): Rank 1- 5 reputation, 10000 godas; Rank 1- 20 reputation, 100000 godas; Rank 3- 100 reputation, 500000 godas; Rank 4- 500 reputation, 1000000 godas; Rank 1- 2500 reputation, 5000000 godas.
5 Legions Task
Only the member of the legions can accept the legions task. One can get contribution value by finishing the tasks.
6 Legions Reputation
The legions get its reputation, when its members get their contribution value.
7 Contribution
It’s the standard to evaluate a legions member’s contribution. You can use to buy the items in the legions warehouse.
8 Position
There are two default positions in the game, Legions Leader and Normal Member. Legions Leader can add more positions into his legions and appoint the member.
9 Authority
The legions leader can adjust the authority of the member, but he can’t adjust the authority of himself.

Legion Function
Legion Foundation: To create a legion, your level must be over 10, and pay 100,000 godas. Though it’s easy to found a legion, it’s not easy to maintain it. Once the legion is founded, it must pay management fee to the system every day.

Legion Rank:
1. The condition of legion upgrade:
Rank 1 to Rank 2: 500 reputation;
Rank 2 to Rank 3: 2000 reputation;
Rank 3 to Rank 4: 10000 reputation;
Rank 4 to Rank 5: 60000 reputation.
2. Management Fee/Day: Rank 1-5 reputation and 10000 godas; Rank 2- 20 reputation and 100000 godas; Rank 3-100 reputation and 500000 godas; Rank 4- 500 reputation and 1000000 godas; Rank 5- 2500 reputation and 5000000 godas.
3. The legion of rank 1 can’t use its warehouse, if it can’t pay the management fee. In that circumcetence they just can withdraw the items that have been put into it, and can’t put new items into the warehouse.
Legion Function:
Legion Rank: The rank of a legion will directly influence the priority of the city battle and the development of the city occupied by it.
Distribution of Legion Management Authority: Legion Leaders can appoint members and distribute the management authority to them.
1. Legion warehouse and contribution value: Players can put their loot in the legion warehouse, so the others who need those items can buy them with their contribution value. Contribution value also can be used to estimate a member’s contribution to the coprs, which can encourage members to contribute to their legion.
2. Legion City: By fighting, a legion can capture enemy’s city. After occupying the city, the legion will have the right to open and invest in the city’s technology research. In this way, the influence and the rallying point of the legion will be improved largely. Of course, the legion also has obligation to defend the city.
3. Alignment: By allied with other legions, some legions can occupy and develop the city together.
The Concept Of Legion

In Age of Armor, players can organize their own legion. The legion founder is also the Legion Leader. After being founded, Legion Leader can recruit other players to join in his legion, and appoint other players’ positions in his legion.
How to create a corp:
1.Find the Legion Manager in the city.
2.Choose “Create a legion”
3.Input the legion name.
4.Choose the legion emblem, or upload your own emblem..
5.Input the announcement
Legion Control Panel
After creating, you can implement below options by talking with the legion manager:
1.Change the legion emblem;
2.Change the announcement;
3.Legion position management;
4.Dismiss the legion.

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