Playing Conquer Online May Get You Into China!

There are a lot of events going on in the world of MMOs, but this one is definitely one for the books! Are you a fan of Kung Fu? If so, you might want to pay close attention!


To celebrate the New Year TQ Digital, has a pretty sweet offer to all the fans of their classic F2P Kung Fu MMO, Conquer Online! There are 3 spots available for a free trip to China! Yes, that’s right! A free trip to China! You will get to visit TQ Headquarters and travel to Song Mountain, a world historical and cultural heritage spot, where you will visit a real-life Shaolin Temple! For the very first time, Conquer Online is bringing its fans to the real orient, to feel the true sense of Chinese culture and to enjoy the majesty and splendor of China!

Conquer Online may get you a trip to China!

So, who will be the lucky guy? There is only one way to find out! Become a Conquer player and you will have a chance to win this luxurious 7-day trip.

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