Project of Planets New Patch Release Notes

Patch Release (v1.1.002 to1.1.003)
This patch updates game client from version 1. 1.002 to 1.1.003. You can read about all that’s new in the release note below.
Patch Updates:
1. Added the quest to expand the No.2 Item Bin in Base Abergate.  Added the quest to expand No.2 Warehouse in Cross River Plain.
2. Adjusted level 30 and level 60 special equipment into suits.  Added bonuses of attributes in suits.
3.  Adjusted models of level 30, 40 and 50 mechbodies.  Adjusted the models of level 30 and 60 special mechbodies.
4. Added two new drops of Special suit pieces in outside fields.
5. Modified Reputation Points needed of some supplies in Reputation Merchant.  Released the Reputation Gear purchase (PVP suits) in Reputation Merchant.
6.  Modified prices of some items in Mall and released some new items.
7.   Launched arena quests for players to obtain titles.
8.  Fixed the bug that some gear have no effect after enhancement.
9.  Adjusted the linear attack range of Laser suit weapons.
10.  Fixed some other existing bugs in quests.
Click here to download the Project of Planets Patch.

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