Provided Bird Flu Rages in Elf OnlineÂ…

Provided Bird Flu Rages in Elf Online…

People on the planet may remember clearly the universal epidemic of SARS and Bird flu a few years ago. The sudden plagues raged cross the world and inflicted heavy losses on the world. Nowadays, the vaccines inoculated against the two pandemic diseases may have been carried out, however, we could not, as the old saying goes, once on shore, one prays no more.
Assumptive speaking, if bird flu took place in Elf Online (, even not one hoped so, half of pets and characters in the game will be fatally affected and what’s more serious, a butterfly effect will exerted upon the pet online games from one to another. The worst scenario would be that, global pet RPGs will plunge into plague crisis. It seems nonsense. But trouble arises suddenly. Prevention is better than cure. It will be fortunately if this article can arouse the public consciousness of crisis while raising pets in reality or in virtual gameplay. It’s also advocated for all Elf Online players to take good care of your loved pets heart and soul.

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