Puzzle and Heroes: Puzzle RPG now available for CBT registration

Puzzle and Heroes

ZQGame Global, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen ZQGame Network Co., Ltd (SZSE: 300052) today announced that its Puzzle and RPG amalgam, Puzzle & Heroes is now open for closed-beta registration.  Puzzle & Heroes combines the fun in adventure of the classic RPG and the ultra-habit forming gameplay found in the finest in match-3 puzzle games.

The good King’s greatest warrior has been transformed into, of all creatures…..a DUCK!?! To break this curse, players are employed to travel the kingdom to hunt down the Warlock who imposed this spell and avenge the King’s warrior, eventually returning him back to his human state.

Game Features

Slide Match and Attack
Match gems to fuel your Hero and its companion Merc’s special skills, unleashing brute magical powers and melee attacks to all that oppose! But…… try putting a little effort in!  Match 4, 5, 6 gems to unleash even more powerful attacks, especially when up against each stage’s boss!!!

Hero Management
A classic RPG at its finest. Upgrading and evolving your Hero and companion Mercs boosts their power in battle. Paired together with your gem matching skills, victory is inevitable.

Step into the Arena
Take a break from matching gems and watch your Mercs go head-to-head against other player’s Mercs with multiple PvP modes.

Be Famous
Let the world know your name! Build the strongest squad of Mercs to guide your Hero through the endless dungeons of Survivor Mode and have your name marquee in the weekly leaderboard rankings.

Closed Beta sign-ups are only available for players with Android devices. Registration instructions and more information about the game can be found on the game’s official Facebook page:

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