PWI Eclipse: Free Level 95 character boost available


Launching on December 16, and from December 17 through January 16, 2015, all players will receive through in-game mail the level-boosting Illusionary Crystal for free! Valued at $60, this item instantly boosts your character to level 95, and will be available to all players who have set up accounts before the end of this giveaway.

New to PWI, the Illusionary Crystal is a fantastic tool for players ready to test alternate classes, boost their main character to the endgame experience, or get themselves a new alternate character to group with friends. Now, more than ever, is an ideal time to jump into PWI with the upcoming launch of PWI: Eclipse, bringing the new Nightshade race, the saber-wielding Duskblade and the scythe-equipped Stormbringer classes, and the brand new starting zone – Celestial Vale.

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