R2 Games Announces Easter-Exclusive Events and Rewards for 2020

R2 Games Easter Smash Out

Founded in 2010, R2 Games is one of the biggest international publishers of browser games. It has been the publisher of many popular browser games including Wartune, the LOA trilogy, The Third Age and Crystal Saga 1 and 2. In April, a new title, Survival Legacy, will meet the public as the first of many surprises for Easter.

Survivor Legacy – Ready to SLAY and SURVIVE

Survivor Legacy is a zombie survival game perfect for the players who are looking for the ultimate survival adventure. The world as you know it is gone. Fight against a new world of zombies and mutants and build a new civilization with the survivors. Players need to build a base and join an alliance if they want to survive this world infested with hordes of undead. Along the adventure, you can meet new friends and recruit powerful heroes to battle together. Fight to find out what really happened and who is behind the virus outbreak.

New events are being prepared for Easter 2020, with lots of rewards and exciting new features to welcome new players.

Easter Celebration Preview

As always, Fashion items, Titles, exclusive Easter accessories and special discounts will be featured for Easter in R2 Games and its games. The top 3 titles in R2 Games, Dragon Awaken, League of Angels and Wartune, will launch amazing events for Easter with exclusive opportunities to grow stronger. Moreover, Dragon Awaken has already released the looks of the new Wings, Easter Mounts and Mounts’ Skin.

The Third Age and Crystal Saga 2 will also feature new Fashion items to customize your characters and different events to make the most of the game in the Easter season.

Last but not least, R2 Games has an Easter event page with gift codes for all its titles! Players can log in for 5 times in a row to crack Easter Eggs and get up to 5 codes filled with rewards. Participate together in the Easter Slot Machine to open the biggest prize. If you’re a player of R2 Games or you are looking for a new browser game, this is the best chance to start your adventure.

R2 Games is also preparing rewards both in its games and on its official Facebook Page. For more rewards and the latest news, you can visit the official R2 Games site and Facebook Fan Page.

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