Rappelz Opens

Online game publisher Gala-Net has announced the release of the long awaited expansion to their hit game Rappelz. The Epic IV Expansion, which will be available to play for free, is scheduled to go live on July 27th.

Rappelz Epic IV: Revolution represents a huge addition of content and features to the world of Rappelz. Some of the revolutionary changes
includes: new playable classes, new equipment upgrades, and rebalanced gameplay.
The new Expansion will also bring: new quests and a donation system where players can donate items for buffs. Some of the more exciting changes have to do with pets. Pets will be much more common to obtain, and they will advance much quicker than before!
Decorative equipment slots have also been added to the game. This means players can look forward to flashy equipment and costume pieces like wings!

For up to date news and client downloads check out http://rappelz.gpotato.com.

See you in Rappelz!

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