Realm of the Titans CB Date Made Official!

Realm of the Titans CB Date Made Official




Aeria Games today revealed that its hotly anticipated action strategy title Realm of the Titans will begin Closed Beta testing on July 27, 2011.



Realm of the Titans (RotT) delivers thrilling PvP gameplay inspired by a popular Warcraft 3 custom mod called Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Die-hard DotA fans helped grow the niche sub-genre into a specialized cache of titles, referred to as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. ROTT blends the competitive essence of DotA / MOBA games with a few inspired twists designed to keep novices and veterans alike on their toes.



Realm of the Titans’ features:


Created by DotA Pros Designed by dedicated DotA fans, RotT brings back such popular DotA tactics as “deny” yet sizzles with new features, including flying mounts and epic Titan skills.

Intense PvP Action – RotT’s matchmaking is meticulously formulated to create balanced, edge-of-your-seat 5v5 matches. An added bonus, the bot system ensures teams are never down a player if someone quits.

Epic Heroes & Skills Choose from an all-new roster of ferocious heroes. Every hero is equipped with 3 basic skills and an Ultimate. Once in-game, further boost your hero with a selection of Titan skills. Titan skills automatically level up every 10 minutes and can be switched during the game to keep the action coming.

Loaded with Content – Take advantage of a ton of game features, including two map options, the AMP system, Titan skills, and a helpful ‘Recommended Items’ shop feature.


And of course, OnRPG still has plenty of coverage coming for Realm of the Titans prior to next Wednesday! Last night ColbyCheeze and I went head to head against the pro DotA players of MOBAcast and held our own in a grueling 50 minute showdown on Titan’s Eye. Look forward to the video highlights of that as well as my final Early Access column on Realm of the Titans before July 27th!

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