Reboot Develop 2015: Guest Speaks Revealed


George Bernard Shaw, a famous Irish writer once said that: Those who search for paradise on earth should come and see Dubrovnik. We can only add, that for game developers all over the world there’s no better time to do so than between April 23rd and 25th this year, when the city will be hosting Reboot Develop 2015 – the biggest game developers and industry professionals conference in South East Europe.

Moreover it’s the only game developers conference set in King’s Landing as the city unique for its impressive medieval forts, churches, monuments and palaces, that is often called the pearl of the Adriatic, was used as the filming location for award winning Game of Thrones HBO TV series.

Reboot Develop will be taking place in Radisson Blu Resort & Spa hotel in Dubrovnik and last for 3 days. During the event over 40 of the industry’s most influential speakers and decision makers will discuss the future of game development, exchange ideas and share experience with all the attendees.

Among them you can find the industry legend Peter Molyneux, former Ubisoft lead and creator of Assassin’s Creed Patrice Desilets, who’s now running his own studio Panache Digital Games; Revolution Software co-founders Charles Cecil and Noirin Carmody; famous designer and author Ragnar Tornquist and co-CEO of Qunatic Dream Guillaume de Fondaumière, along with his art director Christophe Brusseaux. These are only a few speakers that were already announced but next announcements are due every few weeks until March.

The full list of speakers that were already confirmed can be found on the conference main website:

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