Red Stone Launches Globally by L&K

L&K Logic Korea has announced the grand opening of the global Red Stone Online server this week, taking over direct publisher servicing of the title as the original developers of the game.


The game publishing company, OGPlanet, took the rein of servicing Red Stone in North America back in 2007. Since then, Red Stone quickly penetrated the global community to be included in the 2008 and 2009 World Cyber Games (WCG) as the official title for competition.

Since the expiration of the partnership with OGPlanet back in November, 2014, L&K Logic Korea immediately took over and launched an open beta service in a preparatory step to establishing a more fluid service for offering faster content updates and more responsive customer service.

The story of Red Stone begins in the fantasy world of Prandel as players go on an adventurous quest to search for a mystical red stone that fell from the Celestial World. With rich story line rooted in the title, Red Stone offers unique features such as CP system and transformation system, loved by players for over a decade.

Red Stone’s official facebook fan page ( offers a primary place for community communications, offering update news and addressing player concerns.

For more information on the update or to download the game, visit their official site.

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