RIFT Announces $100 Million in 2011 Revenue, Offers F2P Weekend

RIFT Announces $100 Million in 2011 Revenue, Offers F2P Weekend



Trion Worlds’ Lars Buttler made the startling announcement earlier this week that their premier MMORPG, RIFT, pulled in $100 million in its 10 months since launch. This is a great sign for the P2P industry as many companies had began to lose hope in the model, believing F2P with cash shop was the only real viable solution to running an MMORPG in today’s market. Contrary to this belief, RIFT has confirmed that an MMO launched in proper working order with high production value is still able to survive and prosper.



That being said, it’s an unquestionable fact that a portion of RIFT’s success has been its repeated free trials and special deal weekends that allow players to experience the game with little to no money up front on their part. To mark this excellent news RIFT is celebrating by allowing new as well as returning players the chance to hop into game for an entire weekend for absolutely free! Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to experience the game for yourself.



In other news, RIFT is teasing us with previews of their next content update, Carnival of the Ascended (version 1.7). Features include:

New Chronicle: River of Souls


Prestige system improvements

Expert Mode improvements and the merging of Tier 1 & Tier 2 dungeon modes

Caduceus Rise Master Mode

Endgame gear upgrade for level 45+ items

Carnival of the Ascended live event

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