Rise of Incarnates: Early Access Feb. 4th

Rise of Incarnates

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announces that its free-to-play action game, Rise of Incarnates, will go live on Steam Early Access on February 4. Offering players the unique opportunity to experience a highly rewarding cooperative experience, Rise of Incarnates is packed with a rich library of characters and customization.
Set in an era of unending catastrophe, players in Rise of Incarnates find themselves in a time where society lives in perpetual fear of what will become of the planet. Among the people of this universe, certain humans with extraordinary abilities have emerged. These humans are known as “incarnates,” and their powers are drawn from daimones, or spiritual manifestations of the gods, demons and monsters of all the world’s mythology.
Rise of Incarnates will debut with eight unique and playable characters that offer a plethora of customization options. These diverse character types and roles — each with a unique set of skills and powers — appeal to a variety of play-styles while accommodating expansive team dynamics and strategy.
In Rise of Incarnates, players battle in a 2 vs. 2 arena set in New York City or Paris maps, using a variety of different modes, including Versus matches, Arcade mode and Bot matches. During these battles, players must employ sharp reflexes, mental resolve and strategic insight as they run, jump, and fly through these 3D arenas, engaging in both close-quarters combat and long-range assaults. Many more characters, maps and other features will continue to be added throughout Early Access as well.

For more info, visit http://www.riseofincarnates.com

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