Runes of Magic: Diamonds for all!

Publisher Frogster is giving away diamonds (the in-game currency of Runes of Magic) to its active players! Each player will receive a credit of 20 diamonds for their Runes of Magic account, per server on which they have a character with a minimum level 10 character. In addition when buying diamonds at the normal price players will receive up to 900 more diamonds than usual until Saturday 17:00.
What’s more, as of today there are two new mounts available in the Item Shop: Wild Lions and Night Lions. These majestic creatures are ready and willing to carry their riders swiftly and safely through the dangerous worlds of Taborea.
The Ruby Shop has also been fully open from yesterday. This is where exclusive items can be redeemed which in turn can only be found here. Payments are made using the rubies which are transferred to the Ruby account after each exchange for items in diamonds in the Item Shop.

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