Runes of Magic Fashion Show at GamesCom

Runes of Magic Fashion Show at GamesCom

A unique fashion show which Frogster is staging as part of the general GamesCom program of events on the main stage in Hall 8 will bridge the gap between the virtual world of Runes of Magic and reality. As part of a catwalk presentation featuring  runway models the publisher will exhibit a one-off fashion collection for the first time worldwide on Friday 20th August from 16:00 until 17:30 and Saturday, 21st August from 15:00 until 16:00. Based on the motto ‘Gaming goes fashion’, the Berlin-based design studio, “Textilzelle”, will present interpretations of seven different character classes from the virtual world of Runes of Magic that they have transformed into an extraordinary fashion collection. Frogster has also integrated the fashionable outfits in digital form to the game world and will present them in their virtual surroundings.

Runes of Magic Fashion Collection

The event will be presented by Florian Kamolz, former presenter of the German gaming TV channel ‘GIGA’ along with Gina-Lisa Lohfink, a well-known model who was recently featured on the front cover of German Playboy.

The fashion show will also feature a large costume competition, an interactive element which will put the creativity of the RoM community to the test. Runes of Magic’s biggest fans will get the unique opportunity to strut their stuff on the catwalk in self-designed costumes honoring the virtual world of RoM. An expert panel of judges including Gina-Lisa, Frogster’s board member Dirk Weyel and fashion designers from the Berlin-based Textilzelle will award winners with valuable RoM-themed Casemod-PCs. Gina-Lisa will be available for photos, autographs and interviews on Friday and Saturday before and after the fashion show at Frogster’s stand C020/B021 in Hall 9.1. To round off the fashion show, the a cappella metal band Van Canto will make a live appearance on stage. The band’s inimitable style involves substituting a range of instruments with their voices and using only a drum kit for accompaniment. At Gamescom they will present their new in-game video for the RoM song ‘Magic Taborea’ for the first time ever alongside other songs from their existing repertoire.

Frogster will be presenting Runes of Magic at exhibition stands C020/B021 and C021 in Hall 9.1 along with their two new top titles, TERA and Mythos. MMO fans will be able to try out a preview version of the latest content from Runes of Magic as well as the first playable versions of TERA and Mythos on 40 computer terminals. The former GIGA presenters, Florian Kamolz and Philipp Senkbeil, will also hold regular stage presentations to showcase all the latest from the world of Runes of Magic. The leading RoM guild Delirium will demonstrate how players can adeptly bring down the Demon Lord Sirloth through live raids. Alongside many other features of the program the top guilds Delirium and Pravum will provide a fun challenge involving speed-runs. Players will also have the opportunity to win fan merchandise and exclusive pets for Runes of Magic at Frogster’s stand everyday.

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