Scarlet Legacy Drapes Itself in Gold (Armor)

Scarlet Legacy Drapes Itself In Gold (Armor)


Scarlet Legacy


Leading online game publisher,, today announced a truly shining update for the popular fantasy MMORPG, Scarlet Legacy. With the introduction of Golden equipment, players will attain a new tier of power unlike any seen before.



“Our players have found some of the more recent dungeons, including Demon’s Lair and the Cavalier Dungeon, to be the largest challenge faced yet” said Hubert Yee, Head of Marketing at GamesCampus. “Gold Armor, acquired by either quest or scroll, will allow players to tackle current and future dungeons in a whole new way.”


Scarlet Legacy


Players can acquire Golden equipment through one of three means: via in-game quests, by purchasing a quest scroll with CampusCash (CC), or on the lucky roulette wheel, where spins can be acquired both by performing well in game as well as on the cash shop. This level 65 and up equipment is unlike anything currently available in game, and stands out in its brilliance.



To celebrate the arrival of Scarlet Legacy’s “Golden Age”, players have a chance to win numerous prizes, including the coveted quest scrolls which may reward a beautiful piece of Golden equipment on the official Facebook, starting tomorrow. Players can glide over to Facebook for all the details.

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