Server Merge Announcement

Dear All,
Age of Armor, Cancri Server and Server Leonis Will merge together, the conflict between Earth and Mars will become much more fiercely than before. And everyone now can enjoy the fun of PVP in Age of Armor. The two servers will merge together at 01:00A.M GMT-5 on November 7th 2007. After the Routine Maintenance, the two servers will become one.
The population on Leonis will be transported to Cancri, those corps of the Leonis who had take up the cities in Battle Planet, would get in game cash as a make-up for their city occupying activities.
After the Server Merge, those Former Leonis resident will have to login in the server Cancri. Make sure that there is no more than 4 characters in your account in total in the 2 Server, Please delete those unnecessary characters before the servers merge happen, or you may lose your main character after the mergence, in order to avoid the name repeat problem, those Leonis resident will have a suffix Leonis behind their in game id.
If you have any items that still in the consignment Dealers, please get them back before the mergence take place, avoiding unnecessary loss.
Resident in Cancri need not do anything for the Mergence.
After this mergence, there will be Death Match added into game, for more Confrontainment, besides Death Match; City Siege War may also be added soon. More confrontainment all in Age of Armor!
Join Age of Armor Experience the extremely feeling of Team Confrontainment.
Age of Armor, Free to Enjoy, Free to conquer!
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