SF5: Sept. 22 Update!

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Today, a huge Street Fighter V update is coming! It was announced at Tokyo Game Show, and the big [obvious] addition to the game is Urien! The Vice-President of the Illuminati, probably the greatest man-thong ever worn, Urien’s bringing his bullshit Aegis Reflector back to the game, and I could not possibly be happier. He was one of my favorite SF3 characters, and I was beyond upset when I saw that Ibuki would come to the game before Urien. He’d have made a great addition to Street Fighter 4, but that’s not important. There’s a lot to unpack from this patch, which you can find right here, but I’m going to talk about the stuff that’s most important/interesting to me. The most important of these is Urien because he’s a new character to SF5! Why is Urien so important? He’s the only charge character I’ve ever been 1. Honestly interested in playing and 2. Reasonably kind-of competent with. His kit just appealed to me on so many different levels. But…the man-thong appears to be gone! That’s probably one of the biggest complaints I’ve seen across the Internet: Girls can have their breasts out, but Urien’s thong is gone?


DAILY. TARGETS: I hate Daily Quests in most cases, but these will reward from 500-5000 fight money, which is what you use to buy almost everything in the game. There are very few exceptions. And wow, things that require Fight Money generally cost a fair amount [except Characters and Stages.  I will never agree with those prices]. But the Targets make sense don’t appear to be anything absolutely outrageous. I like this idea for Street Fighter and it could potentially help me get back to the game on a more regular basis, and help me learn new things. That’s one of my big issues: I don’t have a main yet. I can’t find someone I really love to play that doesn’t feel daunting and frustrating.

Shoutout to my hero, Kenny Omega!

Shoutout to my hero, Kenny Omega!

I also really love that they added vs. CPU as an option without having to set silly things in Training Mode. This should be a good way to practice and figure out combos and things of that nature in a more dynamic, varying difficulty setting when you don’t have friends to train with at the moment. On this thought, I also really like that Fighter Profiles will update with more info. Now I can see how terrible I’m doing! Huzzah! The environmental KOs are neat, but that’s not important to me to be totally honest. The Daily Targets and added character are really what interest me the absolute most. I just have to find the time to really get back to the game. I hope you guys are loving SF5, and I’m interested in knowing who you main and why!

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