Shadow of Legend v. set to release on May 14th!

You can almost tell when a major update for Shadow of Legend is coming. It’s almost like forecasting the weather. A lack of recent updates, or a dry spell, is a foreboding of things to come. Our development team has been working hard around the clock to bring to you Shadow of Legend v., and we promise you that you won’t be disappointed. Below, you will find a list and details of the new features available in the new version:

Reputation System
Constant warring between the two camps can help you build up your reputation points. As you accumulate your reputation points, you may have them converted via designated NPC into experience points or traded for honorary equipment. The best part about the Reputation System is that players possessing a high enough reputation will be further credited with honorary titles.
(Note: Reputation points and honorary titles will only be calculated during this version release, but the full operation of the system will be completed in the following version.)

Matching System
This system is designed to promote the exchange and discussion of skills between friends or teammates, without any risks to either side.

Frontline Freight
A quest that can be found in the main city, you will be required to leave your mount behind as you escort a carriage to its destination. Successful completion of the quest will grant you crafting materials on different levels and experience points. It’s crucial that you keep on high alert against other players when crossing the neutral zone and protect the carriage from having its goods robbed.

Teleport System
The teleport stone will allow you to teleport from the main city to a chosen point on the map.

Super Turtle
The Super Turtle is the fifth and newest option available for the Turtle Sunbathe Event. A player possessing the Charmed Lotion will morph into the golden Super Turtle, and will get to tour the entire Turtle Sunbathe Island, harvesting experience points and treasures at a speed faster than the hare’s!

Platinum Spore Nest
Attaining the Platinum Spore Nest will allow the players to plant mushrooms, just as if they were participating in the Plant a Mushroom Event, at anytime of the day and most everywhere. There is no time limit for VIP mushrooms, and you are allowed to plant six times a day using the Platinum Spore Nest.

SmartCell wishes you happy playing, and thanks all its fans for their continued support in the Shadow of Legend Beta.

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