Shadow of Legend VIP Event Items have Arrived!

Tired of always having to wait for the event times to start, so you can finally participate in them? Are the event times set at an inconvenient time for you? Frustrated about not getting enough experience from the events? Well, you’re in luck! The SmartCell development team has heard your calls to do something about the event times and the experience, and has brought you something better!

The Platinum Spore Nest and the Super Turtle Transformation Lotion are new items in the game that will allow you to play the Plant a Mushroom event outside of its event times and the Turtle Sunbathe Island event for even more experience!

The Platinum Spore Nest
Players who acquire the “Platinum Spore Nest” will have the chance to plant a mushroom at anytime in the event area. You will gain experience points once you successfully harvest your mushroom with fertilizer and protect it from hungry monsters.
Note: Only players above level 15 can participate in the event.

Super Turtle Transformation Lotion
After acquiring the Super Turtle Transformation Lotion, a player can talk with the Turtle Sunbathe Island event NPC, and he will give you the option to transform into a gold turtle and reap 6x more experience during the event!
Note: Players can host this event outside of the original event’s time brackets, whereas each event last for 30 minutes long.

The introduction of these two new items into the Shadow of Legend Item Mall is already making the game more fun for its players. You don’t want to miss out!

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