Shadow of LegendÂ’s New and Improved Crafting System

The release of Shadow of Legend v. introduced a new and improved Crafting System, designed to simplify the system’s interface, and make crafted equipment unique to the different races.

Like the old system, the new system will show you:

1. Materials required to craft
2. Item that will be crafted
3. Progress bar while crafting item
4. Option to cancel build

However, unlike the old system, the new system features:

1. Varying attributes
2. Less materials required for crafting

Varying Attributes
Items will no longer have fixed attributes after being crafted. Instead, item attributes will fluctuate either up or down 30% from a standard, so you can either end up with a super item or a lackluster one. But, not to worry! You can always split the crafted items that you aren’t satisfied with.

Less Material Required
The material requirement for crafting equipment has been greatly reduced. Combatants only need to find ores, Mages need only wood, Monks need only leather, and Archers need only cloth.

Go ahead and try out the new system. Let us know what you think! Suggestions go to Thank you!

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