Shadow Realms Shaken Up?

Shadow Realms

According to a Kotaku report, Bioware’s upcoming 4v1 MMO Shadow Realms may be undergoing a makeover.

While some were worried the game had been cancelled completely, especially due to some recent radio silence and a delayed closed alpha, there’s also word that the game has been overhauled and will now feature a full campaign and may release in 2017. The online servers for the game were shut down this week, but what exactly that means is uncertain until EA or Bioware confirms the rumors.

BioWare recently decided to integrate EA’s Origin service, possibly to avoid budget limitations from the parent company. Kotaku’s sources indicate that the recent failure of Dawngate was, at least in part, due to limited funds because the game did not use EA’s internal systems.

Though Kotaku’s sources remain private, we caution anyone to take this latest news with a grain of salt until either company offers an official statement on the situation.

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