Shards of War: Bigpoint Announces Major New Update

Shards of War: Bigpoint Announces Major New Update

Today Bigpoint revealed the details of the biggest update yet to its sci-fi driven MOBA, Shards of War. Some of the major elements of this update include:

Item changes and “Custom Items”

All of the previous active items as well as select passive ones have been removed entirely from the game. They have been replaced with a completely revamped crafting system, alongside an all-new collection of “Custom Items”, including five character-specific items for each Sentinel.

New tower targeting priority system

To help make towers a greater threat on the game’s shattered battlefield, their targeting priority system has been amended to always attack enemy Sentinels who are damaging friendly Sentinels in range. Additionally, the healing pads will now provide periodic healing buffs that can be picked up, rather than constantly healing while standing within the zone.

Custom match observer mode

This update will also incorporate the first iteration of an observer mode for Shards of War. When creating custom games, players will be able to invite friends into observer slots who can switchthrough player perspectives and free-cam, as well as toggle “fog of war.”

New Sentinel Calibre

Bigpoint is also announcing the seventeenth playable character in the game: Calibre, the dimension-hopping interrogator. An assassin-style character, she specializes in mass destruction, spreading her damage across multiple targets. Using her interrogation sphere to dash in and out of combat, she lays down heavy fire with her two massive guns

“Ask me no questions, tell me no lies

With her ability to dash through or past enemy Sentinels, Calibre can get into the fight, dish out tons of damage, and take down high priority targets – all before the enemy team even knows what hit them (or which one of her massive guns).

It’s not just about her guns, though. Calibre’s “Field of Inquiry” skill emits an EMP burst that silences and slows all enemy Sentinels in the area. With “Interrogator”, her interrogation sphere jolts the closest enemy with a dose of electricity. The “Probe” skill sends her sphere to a target area, damaging all enemies within. She can reactivate this skill to quickly dash to the sphere, picking it up.

If these skills aren’t enough to bring Calibre the answers she seeks, “Retort” shoots multiple projectiles in a cone, each one dealing damage to the first enemy hit. Ultimately, Calibre will turn to “Final Answer”. For a few seconds, she shoots her weapons around her at extreme speed, dealing significant damage to all nearby enemies. Calibre can move while channeling this skill, creating a whirl of destruction.

Object of her affection

The search for an object called the “Daedalus” has brought Calibre far, her origins shrouded in mystery and a growing cloud of smoke – from the barrels of two massive guns and the ruins of the worlds behind her.

A stranger among the Shards, she asks about the Deadalus wherever she goes, showing no mercy to those without answers. Many of her interviews have ended with a fatal jolt, her interrogation sphere indifferent to pleas of desperation. Calibre is no more moved herself. It’s all business, a business she happens to enjoy. Speak now, or be filled full of bullets.

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