Shot Online Goes Big With Massive UI Update, Content Expansion

Shot Online Goes Big With Massive UI Update, Content Expansion



GamesCampus today successfully launched the huge game overhaul for their veteran title, Shot Online!  Mixing professional golf with RPG and competitive mechanics, Shot Online brings the world of competitive sports straight to the user.  Today marks the arrival of the new user interface, added content like a new title rank, and of course, a new course!  Register or sign into your GamesCampus account and download the game at



“Alongside the massive user interface improvements we’ve launched this week, we’ve also added some player-requested features, like improved guild housing and an updated town square,” said Hubert Yee, Head of Marketing at GamesCampus. “We’re already hearing it’s like playing a new game again, while having all the same friends and awesome gameplay!”



UI improvements already announced by GamesCampus included a new UI to track a player’s stats, new avatar evolution, a streamlined course and room selection with improved options like mulligans and time limits, as well as numerous chat function additions and changes.  Now even more features have been unveiled during today’s patch, including a new course and golf rank to master!



The Hyundai Song Gia Course is modeled after a gorgeous golf course in Vietnam.  This ‘normal’ difficulty course is intended for intermediate players who have mastered the easy courses but are not yet ready to move on to the expert courses.  Of course, the master players are not being forgotten, and an upcoming unnamed course will be strictly for the highest level of play.



A new Town Square has been erected for players to gather in.  Alongside socializing, the town square contains important NPCs like shops, golf masters, an auction house, and more.  The Gleiger Guild House is now available for guilds to build; guild houses can now be expanded up to level 9 and level 10.  A level 10 guild house grants all members 1.7x EXP for their guild course, as well as a 1.4x EXP bonus when golfing alongside a guild member.  All of this will be important when seeking the newest golf title: Grand Pro Royal I.  This coveted title requires level 110 and the completion of the first Grand Pro Royal questline. More titles will be coming in 2013.



In response to players’ feedback with the 30-day cooldown between advancing to new titles, the cooldown has been reduced to 24 hours (1 day).  Alongside this change is a new streamlining of titles, which were previously spread between levels 54-72 — now titles can be acquired in order between levels 55-71; a full list of these changes is available on the Shot Online website.  This is in addition to a complete sound effect overhaul (49 sound effects moving up to 120) and motion upgrade.  Approximately 500 character motions tweaked or refined, two new dances added), along with a new “Game Function” menu where players can adjust everything from the size of their swing bar to sound levels, chat macros, and much more!



To celebrate this massive new update, Shot Online is featuring a slew of top notch events happening now.  The Songia & Gleiger rounding event will give players a shot at earning up to five success cards that can be redeemed for exciting prizes including a Gold Platinum 1 Month Coupon, bonus 2000 CC and much more!  The “Collect the Congratulations Cards” event will have players receiving and submitting congratulations cards in exchange for fabulous rewards. And lastly, Shot Online is looking for feedback on its latest update, so for every review posted on the forum review section players will be chosen at random and awarded bonus CC with a chance at winning up to 2000 CC!

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