Skyforge Dark Omen Update Now Live

Skyforge Dark Open Update Now Live

Developer Allods Team and global publisher, proudly present Dark Omen, Skyforge’s newest update. The update contains a new questline and tools to improve quality of life for Pantheons – Skyforge’s equivalent of guilds. Dark Omen is an update, setting up and enhancing gameplay for a future expansion that will come soon for the highest level of players.


Dark Omen update features:

  • New Operation System: Operations are a system in which high level players can combine their powers to more effectively fight off the continued invasions on Aelion. This system will receive an overhaul with a clear progression bar and an increase in overall ease of use for players.
  • Elder God Questline: Players can learn what it takes to become an Elder God and continue their divine journey during the next Invasion on Aelion. They can fight against the metallic threat in a series of missions leading up to a showdown with the Mechanoid Boss!
  • Pantheon Fusion Tool: Any Pantheon, large or small, seeking to merge themselves with another Pantheon, will now be able to accomplish such a feat. Pantheons can join forces and battle Aelion’s threats together!


View the complete update details here.

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