Skyforge: Lanber Forest zone revealed

Skyforge today has released details for the new location named the Lanber Forest in their upcoming sci-fi MMORPG, Skyforge.

“The Lanber Forest is a picturesque, bright corner of Aelion. An oasis of pristine nature, hidden away from the frenzied rhythm of the Capital city and the hum of factories. It seems quiet and peaceful here, but that peace is an illusion.

The farms are empty, as though the farmers simply walked away from their fields. The town of Kyris is also quiet. Once a popular, bustling place, for trade and festivities, it’s no longer filled with the carefree laughter of fairgoers or the rhythmic thud of forging hammers. You will not meet a single traveler in the town, or on a forest trail. Clear skies and the pastoral landscape is only a mask for the evil that lurks in the Lanber Forest.

The illusory tranquillity does not fool the immortal warriors who defend this world. In the heart of the capital, in the Divine Observatory, the Aelion projection is flashing with pleas for help from the mortals of the Lanber Forest. The pleas bring dark news about the reappearance of the Mantide army. This evil, defeated by heroes of a past age, has been awakened from centuries of sleep and seeks to spread throughout the planet, destroying the unwanted and dominating the weak. War has begun.

And where there is war, there are vultures. The Lanber Forest has been swept by opportunists: looters, smugglers, evil men, who have decided to cash in on the grief of others.”

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