Skyrim: Remaster. . .?

skyrim review 2

Let me start this one with a joke:

“How can you tell who is played Skyrim for console or PC?”

“Console players are excited for the Skyrim Remaster.”

But in all seriousness, Skyrim is one of the biggest hits that Bethesda has no doubt produced. Across all consoles, it has done amazing, and even with DLC issues for some consoles, it has thrived. But. . . a remaster? Instead of Elder Scrolls VI, we get a Skyrim Remaster? Now I have all the big consoles, and my PC, but I only play Skyrim on PC. I don’t have a file loaded down with mods, but it does have a few to make it look much prettier. Bethesda did their announcing yesterday, instead of during the week, and kudos to them, but I do not understand the reason for this, outside of a quest for more money.

skyrim review

Will it look shiny on console? Of course it will. But this isn’t something “new”.  This is something that’s been around for people who play on PC almost since launch. From what I was reading though, PC users who have the Legendary Edition or all of the DLC [which I have the legendary edition, neither here nor there] will automatically upgrade to the Remaster on PC on October 28 when it launches.  That’s… great? I mean, will I go back to playing Skyrim? Maybe. The only reason I even have it is because it was on sale for less than ten bucks one holiday and a friend bought it for me. Personally I feel Skyrim has the worst story IN the Elder Scrolls. That’s with Arena on the table. “HERE BE DARGONS”.  If you’re going to remaster a popular game, why not Oblivion? Morrowind? THOSE would make piles of money, I bet even more than Skyrim will. Just a little food for thought, guys.

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? What should they have done instead, if you don’t agree with this particular one?


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