SnailGame Rearrange the Siege System in Age of Armo

SnailGame Rearrange the Siege System in Age of Armor

Snailgame Insider recently sat down with Age of Armor lead producer Daniel Wang and lead Tech Supporter Jim Rong to discuss some of the ideas that influenced the development of battle planet siege project

First, the exp rate of those high level areas is doubled, and to make PVP of more fun, there will be a mini siege war at a certain time, and every one can get exp bonus for taking part in the event.

Second, the requirement for siege is adjusted as well, this adjustment would enable more Corps to take part in the bidding for the siege, and will provide more chance to everyone to attend the game.

Third, rearranged the rewards of city occupying, more precious items can be get from Special NPC when the Corps take up one city, and those rewards are mostly from item shops.

As the Siege system is a big part of the game, every slight change is being discussed for long times, and to let more people enjoy the competitive event, but not ruining the game, there will be also gears requirement, Only those well prepared soldiers can win the siege.

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