Steam Heroes: New action puzzle game available

Steam heroes

Kiss Ltd and Projector Games are pleased to announce that Steam Heroes, the action packed puzzle strategy game launches on Steam and other leading digital download stores today.

Combining strategy and skill help three brave adventurers on their quest to stop
the diabolical Baron Von Smog and his army of minions from conquering Steam

In this classic Match-3 style gameplay, matching colours generates coloured steam.  Your character then utilise the steam to heal, attack and defend your party.  Unlike many other Match-3 games, not every match is a good one. Think ahead and plan carefully.  Make sure your characters use their special combo attacks to defeat the bosses!

Steam Heroes is available to download today (Friday 30 January 2015) via PC digital download stores today (Friday 30 January 2015), with an SRP of $5.99 / €5.49 / £4.99.  Look out for special launch promotions.

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