Stronghold Kingdoms Celebrates 5 Million Players

Stronghold Kingdoms Celebrates 5 Million Players

Developer and publisher Firefly Studios today announced that their popular ‘Castle MMO’ Stronghold Kingdoms has now passed 5 million registered players. With a 10% lifetime conversion rate and more active players on Steam than games from colossal IPs such as Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and DC Comics, Firefly is thrilled with the continued success of their first ever free-to-play game.


“We launched in the very early days of free to play. A single payment seemed like a pipe dream, let alone five million players” said Nick Tannahill, Business Development Manager at Firefly Studios. “At the time MMOs of this type had around a three-year lifecycle and Kingdoms had its first closed alpha back in 2009. As such its success, particularly with our conversion and ARPPU which are both far above average for this industry, is still hard to believe. We can’t wait to release the new redesigned mobile version on iOS and Android, something players are really looking forward to.”


Stronghold Kingdoms is played in more than 100 countries around the world, with most players coming from regions where a large fan base exists for the original game. These are the United States, Russia, Poland, the UK and Germany, where a large community of Stronghold fans can be found. With the game’s launch on mobile devices this summer Firefly hopes to expand the series’ worldwide community in South America, Turkey and other parts of Europe.


To celebrate reaching this milestone Firefly have launched a new game world. Global Conflict returns the online castle builder to its PvP roots by massively expanding the playable game world to 151 countries. The online battlefield now includes almost every country in the world, allowing for warfare between cities, within countries and across entire continents.


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