Summer Blessing in Neverland Online

Summer Blessing in Neverland Online


Neverland online is having a series of events as the summer approaches.


New Holy Beast, a flying fairy-like pet, Nightmoon Elf is released. With the max intelligence of 8150, needless to say, Nightmoon Elf is one of the most powerful magical pet ever, and probably one of the cutest. Moreover, this pet is endowed with exclusive skills of restoring HP for single or group teammates; it is indeed a very useful pet when players are in Team VS Team PK. And the healing power is the best in the game so far. It also has attacking skill to deal damage to as many as 6 enemies. It is really a fantastic pet.


Moreover, Rare Gem Treasure Bag is on stage for the first time, player can get a random Inspiring gem gems from it, and the precious crafting materials like Demonic pieces (Rank 1) and Greater Artifact Pieces (Rank 1), and rare accessory are also given out in the event.


Neverland Moon Night


Neverland online is a 2D MMORPG Turn-based Webgame with brand-new game style. It takes 2 years to develop, and it is the first anime MMORPG webgame that enables not only browser-based but also client-based game experience. you can play it as a clientless browser-based game at any place and any time or download it through client to experience the perfect game quality. Login in either mode but with the same fun experience.


Players will found themselves in a fantastical world filled with legends and tales. And there are featured systems as skills, pets, guild, instances, mounts and many more others interesting systems. Now that the summer is in the air, look at the sunshine so have a nice day.


Neverland Online Event

Neverland Features:

– First Full Feature Browser Based MMORPG
– Multi-player, compete against thousands of people from around the world
– Huge immersive game world with thousands of rewarding quests
– Unique pet capture and training system
– Extensive crafting and gathering systems
– Convenient and casual gameplay, ex: Auto navigation system
– Completely browser-based, no downloads required, and free to play
– Playable via Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera
– Regular major content updates

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