Superheroines Always Get Superboobs

While this might not be so much in the shape of news, it is the holiday season and things can get a little slow while we wait for the next year to begin. However, Iris Ophelia from Jezebel wrote an interesting article on DC Universe’s character creation and has some eye opening points and raises good questions why devlopers continue down this path.


“Although DC Universe Online is still in beta, there’s plenty to be said about its avatar fashions. And while DCUO has many strengths in that area, it also has a glaring weakness: the exaggeratedly buxom shapes forced on female avatars.


What’s worse, DCUO’s tagline is “The next legend is you.” That perfectly crystallizes why my standards are so high for character creation in superhero games: You’re not just creating a random mercenary or a rogue or a warrior, you’re supposed to be creating a modern mythological figure. DCUO tries to fulfill this need, while also forcing female heroes into a very restrictive form. Here’s how:

DC Universe Super Boobs

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